This is no cliché riddled, corny science fiction novella – it is a tensely written thriller that could have come from the headlines, and makes you wonder if just because they could, should they have?  – Erika Soeterik


I liked the Westworld/Black Mirror feel. The short, fast-paced format of this story also make it great for an evening read.  – Lindsay Detwiler


Amazon reviewers:


Artificial Intelligence is something in our future and James Patterson told this story perfectly. I felt sorry for the dolls being treated without feelings. The storyline read fast. I enjoyed it … All the way to the end. 


Loved the book. Not your typical murder mystery. Patterson outdid himself with this one. Very quick read because I could not put it down.


He humanized the characters very quickly and the story moved at a fast pace – fast enough that I couldn’t put it down! James Patterson did not disappoint!


I loved this book! It’s a well-written page-turner that keeps you guessing! Brilliant characterization (especially with Sandra, my favorite), colorful scene depiction, and a strong storyline. 


Goodreads reviewers:


Believable! Incredible! Great storyline. Superb plot buildup. I would highly recommend this story. Didn’t want it to end.


Fast paced thriller with a fresh twist on technology.


Now THAT was eerie!



Praise for ‘The Dolls’