A weaver of many tales—
and in-between

  • On being a ghost
    Creepy or creative? It definitely works the muscle. A publishing house I wrote a psych thriller for asked me to provide some answers to frequently asked questions. Here are a few of my responses (or you can read the full post HERE). How did you first begin ghostwriting? What was the primary attraction? My firstContinue reading “On being a ghost”
  • Ideas, by accident: The magic of nonfiction
    A little more than a year ago, my former colleagues decided to do a video interview on my leap from the straight and narrow of nonfiction to fiction (thrillers in particular). The same questions about nonfiction vs. fiction have been simmering over the past year – a busy one for me: finishing the book withContinue reading “Ideas, by accident: The magic of nonfiction”
  • Take your chances
    (Editor’s Note: This was written before the second co-author contest winners were announced, but I decided to keep it here for those folks wondering what the contest process was like for me. Also, congrats to this year’s winner, Tucker Axum III!) To the fellow writers and kindred spirits who reached out to me about myContinue reading “Take your chances”