As a nomadic military kid now (mostly) grown up, I’ve always had hang-ups about where home is and romantic ideas about what home means. I’ve spent 12 years as a print journalist, with a couple years in TV news mixed in for variety, and finally have come to realize that home, for me, is anywhere I can pursue curiosity through writing – chasing a story, exploring some interesting human quirk or, best of all, uncovering dazzling displays of kindness.

I’d written fiction as a girl but didn’t take it seriously until 2016, when James Patterson chose my fiction idea for a new book (available here) through a national co-author contest created by MasterClass. After the heady rush of that surprise, I’m working on what’s next and find I’m drawn to interactions between technology and people. (Plus, the sometimes weird and wonderful culture of tech startups presents more opportunities to find the aforementioned quirks.)

Thanks for visiting, for your interest, and – if you’re a writer or other creative – for pursuing storytelling in any genre or medium.